Sunday, July 08, 2012

Luke's 7th Birthday

One big event that I have missed blogging about was Luke's 7th birthday!  Luke turned 7 on June 22nd, and we celebrated with a party at Nothing But Bounce
The theme was Angry Birds.
Homemade chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting.
It was like 100 degrees in the gym.  The boys got sweaty!!
What a cutie pie!
Singing 'Happy Birthday' to the Birthday Boy!

Do you see the look on his face??  Priceless!!
That was for the Nintendo DS that Mommy and Daddy got for him.  He'd only asked for one for about a year now and he had NO idea he was actually getting one!

And then of course, since we were dressed up, we took advantage of the photo op!
I couldn't get the Birthday Boy to sit still for a pic.
And one final note on the location:  I wouldn't necessarily recommend Nothing But Bounce for your party.  While it's definitely cheaper than the other Bouncy places in town, there is no time between parties for set up/ break down.  I arrived 15 minutes early in hopes of setting up prior to party time.  When I walked in, I was quickly informed by the current party that they had 15 more minutes.  So we were forced to stand out in the hot sun until their party ended.  Other Bouncy party locations have instructions for the kids, you sign waivers and a worker stays in the room and watches the kids play.  Not here.  No instruction.  No waiver.  No help.  AND, NO air conditioning.  Sure, it's inside, but when it's 100 degrees outside with no air conditioning inside and the kids are all running around inside big plastic blow ups, well, it gets a little warm.  I guess you get what you pay for.  Ok - off my soap box now.  You've been warned!  :)

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